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How to Recover Music from Restored iPod?

“Can anyone tell what is wrong with my restored iPod? I had restored the iPod and added music files in it, after which it has become inaccessible. I plugged in the iPod to my system and it’s not being detected. When I try to play music it says drive is corrupted, please format the drive.

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Smart way to restore pictures on Apple computer

“Hi friends, I have hundreds of pictures in the iPhoto library. Most of images were modified and favorite to me. By mistake, I deleted some of photos while managing them in the library. Please help me out in recovering pictures from my Apple computer” Photos are one of the best ways to keep all the

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Restore Deleted Purchased Songs from ITunes

ITunes is an app which comes built-in on Mac systems. ITunes also is essential software in Apple iPods. You might have purchased lots of songs on iTunes of your Mac computer. At times, songs from iTunes might get deleted by you. If you do not have any other copy of your songs that got deleted

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How to Recover Files from iPod after Restore?

“Hi everyone, my iPod just froze today and I had to restore it to default factory settings in order to make it work fine. In this process, I lost many of my favorite songs, movies and other files. Now is it possible to recover all lost data from iPod? Please help.” Apple iPod is the

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