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Retrieve Data from Flash Memory

Flash memory is the memory type which is being used for portable devices now. In computer internal memory also, SSDs use flash memory. Using flash memory is very advantageous, you can have high read/write speed on your device, need not to defragment the device memory and so on. While using flash memory devices also, you

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Restore Media Files on Windows 7

Windows 7 computers provide very friendly user interface and gives you a great experience to work on it. While using the computer, you may come across lots of scenarios wherein files are lost from it. Suppose you have saved number of media files on your Windows 7 system and you had formatted the particular drive

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HD Video Recovery Utility

“I am using Windows 7 operating system on my laptop. It has a storage capacity of 500 GB. On this 500GB I had created four logical drives to store data separately without mixing any type of file respectively. One day I got the need to create an extra logical drive to store other format of

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