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What to do when Windows Update is Stuck?

At ultimate times, you might get into situations where your system is stuck with the Windows update process. Generally, the Windows updates run in the background, however, it might fail to install the update when a single update cannot be installed. When it happens you could see – ‘searching for updates’ in a stuck state. Moreover, this kind of trouble encounters with Windows 10, Windows 8.x and Windows 7 systems.

Run the Troubleshooter

The window is equipped with an inbuilt utility called the Troubleshooter to deal with stuck updates. Indeed this is the light most step when you get into a problem with Windows update issues.  Basically, the troubleshooter performs the following actions-

  1. Shuts down/terminates the Windows update services
  2. Clears the update download cache (by renaming the update folder) so that update process can be then started over
  3. Finally, restart the Windows update services

How to run the Windows Troubleshooter?

The troubleshooter utility is available under with major Windows operating system versions (Windows 10/8.x and 7). To run this function, go to the Start menu and search for troubleshooting. Select the Troubleshooter option in the control and open it. Now navigate through System and Security section -> Fix problem with Windows update.

On the Windows Update troubleshooting window, go to Advanced. Now see to it that the option – Apply repairs automatically is enabled. Proceed to Run as administrator and press on Next option. The troubleshooter will then continue to identify and fix the problems occurring with the Windows update. Eventually, the action interrupting the update process will be cleared out leading to restart the update service.

Apart from troubleshooter service, you can also consider the manual method to deal with stuck Windows updates.

How to do it manually?

Restart the computer in a safe mode. Go to the Start menu and launch the command prompt. Note that you need to run the command prompt with administrative privileges.  On the prompt, type the command as –

net stop wuauserv     [Hit on Enter key]

Up next, go to the Windows File Explorer and navigate through :-  C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Continue to Delete all the file entries in that folder.Restart the update service and go to the command prompt and execute –

net stop wuauserv     [Hit on Enter key]

As the update service restarts, terminate the command prompt and then restart the PC. Then see to it that if the update problem with your system is resolved or not.

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